There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Submit your submissions through our new Submittable page! We accept submissions all year round, but have a cutoff date for the quarter. Anything received after the cutoff date will be considered for the next quarter.

Please read our general submission guidelines:

  • Typoetic.us is to have the First Electronic Publishing Rights to new pieces that are first featured online and/or print. We also retain rights to archive indefinitely. We will take down a piece upon request however. Pieces appearing on Typoetic.us are eligible to be selected for print collections. We will contact you if we want to use your work.
  • Typoetic.us is a non-paying market.
  • Typoetic.us will come out quarterly. We accept submissions all year round, but will have a cutoff date for the quarter. Anything received after the cutoff date will be consider for the next quarter.
  • Simultaneous, and previously published submissions are fine. If a simultaneous submission is accepted by another publication, please let us know so the submission can be withdrawn.
  • As a courtesy, please take a look around to get a rough idea of what we are looking for prior to your submission.
  • Response time is typically 3-4 months. Please query no earlier than 4 months after your original submission, but know that we personally respond to every submission we receive.
  • Proof read. We retain the right to fix small typos and grammatical problems, without editing the integrity of a piece, but we do not like to do so.
  • Rules for themed issues may be different. They will be posted during a special submission period.
Typoetic.us accepts on all topics and forms. Please limit submissions to 3 to 5 poems of any length. Submit poems individually.

Typoetic.us is looking for non-fiction pieces (articles, op-ed, etc.) about the life of a poet, theories on poetry, issues in poetry, stories of the writing life, anything pertaining to poetry. We are also looking for reviews of chapbooks and full-length collections. Typoetic.us conducts interviews to feature poets and others involved in the poetry community. Please let us know if you would be interested in being interviewed.

We are open to anything non-fiction about poetry. 

Visual and Audio Arts:
Typoetic.us is looking for works in the Visual Arts: Fine Art, Photography, Typography, Multi-media, Film, etc. as well as the Audio Arts (i.e. recorded spoken word poetry). Please submit appropriate formats through this link. Upon acceptance, we will ask for the finalized appropriate format to add your work to our upcoming issue or to be featured online.

If you have been accepted into a recent issue, please wait at least one issue before submitting again. Submissions that ignore these guidelines (or parts of these guidelines) will likely be declined. Our guidelines are subject to change. We suggest reviewing them prior to submitting.